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Membership Information

 Annual membership dues are $10 for individuals or $15 for family membership. 


Membership:  LCBA membership will run January to December 31 each year with membership renewal available in Mid October to allow members to reserve and purchase for the upcoming ear.  


Membership benefits include:

  • Monthly Meetings with access to Mentors

  • Online Store Access for discounted Spring Bee Packages

  • Access to Beekeeping Classes

  • More store items to come...

  • Meetings to be planned at different locations and apiaries for more hands on learning

Not a Beekeeper, but a Bee Lover?

You don't have to be a Beekeeper to join our association!  You can purchase an individual membership and have access to our meetings and shopping cart and stay in the loop about what is happening with our local and global bee population.  We also discuss tips on how to care for bees, what to do if they are swarming, and who to call for safe bee removal. 

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